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Prime Meat vs. Other Meats

You hear the phrase 'Prime Meat' and you have to ask yourself what is that? What is the difference between what I but in my local grocery store and this 'Prime Meat'?

Simply put, prime meat is hand picked by the butcher. Here at Catullo Prime Meats we have 100% control over what type of beef we purchase. We pay a higher premium for higher quality beef so the consumer is getting healthy organic grain fed fed animals. This is important for several reasons. 

First thing you will notice when eating prime meat is the consistency and texture of the meat is better than what you will expect to find coming out of your local grocery store. Grain fed animals muscle tone will different than those who are not and the difference is reflected in the taste and textures. 

Second you will notice a difference when cooking the meat. Prime meat will cook a lot differently and maintain its flavor and tenderness. As butchers we do tend to eat our beef a little more on the med - rare side because we love the flavor the blood adds to the meat. Cooking that blood out will result in a completly different taste but this it totally up to your preference.

Last the long term effects of eating organic meat will help you and your loved ones maintain a healthy body. Eating meat that is pumped full of hormones means you are eating everything the animals eat. If you pay a little more for better meat that is healthy for you, it seems like a no brainier to us.

As butchers we know the quality of meat is important and we hope you understand that to. We buy local and fresh always. Feel free to contact us with any questions about any of our meats.

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