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What to eat tonight?

“What are we having for dinner tonight?’

The question can linger for the entire day. Yeah, every once in while, you have a fantastic idea and spend the rest of the day excited for a meal like Youngstown’s cheese steak. Sometimes, I just get the empty stomach, nothing can fill it feeling. You know what I’m talking about. Scrounge the fridge for something and everything you find doesn’t sound good. So you whine to your wife (okay, that just might be me) and ask her if she has an idea, praying that she won’t just say the universal culinary term…. CHICKEN.

Chicken. Chicken for dinner. What does that even mean? There are just too many ways to count how to make it! So the answer becomes a thousand more questions. Do you want it fried, baked or grilled? Thighs or breast? What’s going to be the side dish? AH! Too much for this butcher to handle, and I start to get that frustrated hungry look. Then… I see it. A creative new way to cook chicken breasts, and I even get to keep the skin on! We made the hunter sauce, it turned out to be killer and my tummy was happy again.

Now if I only knew what type of wine to have with the meal…

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