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Why Your Thanksgiving Turkey Should be Amish

Ross Morrone knows TurkeyThanksgiving isn't just another holiday for the family chef. I am that chef, Danny is that chef and hopefully you are that chef. A turkey is the main dish for our Thanksgiving meal and we want to make sure we are providing our families with not only the best tasting turkey, but also the freshest and safest. 

What does it mean for poultry to be fresh and safe.? No more is it about going into your local grocery store and picking the right bird at the right price. Today there are too many FDA ok'd drugs that get pumped into these animals and although you may think you are getting a fresh turkey, a darker secret lies behind the feathers.

Hormones are used to 'beef up' animals by increasing the production of certain hormones and proteins. Essentially they speed up the process of animal growth and save money on feed to provide you with a 'more affordable turkey'. Amish Valley Turkeys are complete opposite. They are free-range, grain fed and locally raised turkeys. This means that they grow on their own terms producing a juicier, more flavorful and tender meat. As you cook your turkey whether its baked, rotisserie'd (my favorite) or deep fried the natural composition of the meat will store and distribute the juice accordingly.

You don't have to take our word for it. If you are a first time buyer you will see the difference in the process of cooking your Amish Valley Turkey and the flavor of eating it. Catullo Prime Meats knows poultry and we have tasted the difference from hormone raised to grain fed Turkeys. Because of that we only carry Amish Valley Turkeys because it's what we feed our own families at the holidays. Shouldn't you take pride in what you are cooking? Buy an Amish Valley Turkey today!


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  • Linda Cordes

    Have a question never cooked Amish this year being the first my questions are I usually cook turkey in a bag way more juicy a lot less work can I cook Amish in a bag Second question does it produce as much juice when cooking as a regular turkey

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