changing up your recipes -

Changing up your Recipes


It’s not always easy to change when things are going good. This is especially true in the kitchen. Ever been to the same restaurant you love, see a buffet of goodness and yet order the same thing you have been getting since you were a single man when you came home from Ohio State for the summer? Yes, my fellow foodies, yours truly can fall under this category as well. New Year = New Horizons. Not just with going out to eat, but in the way we cook as well. Imagine if the pizza pie was never changed, never modified. We would all be eating the red sauce and cheese variety, instead of fun combinations like smoked salmon and andouille, pear and brie with a brown sugar butter sauce or apple sausage, 3 pepper and pecorino! The quest for change in the kitchen has brought me to my recipe this week. I have heard countless times the worries and challenges with pork chops in the kitchen. People tend to think that a pork chop is going to be dry and tasteless if it does not have a marinade. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Change it up, kids!!! Adding the citrus and thus the citrus acid, helps to break down the pork and allows it to receive the oil, salt and pepper easier. Enjoy!

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