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Grilling Tips

It's grilling season so we are going to share some of our tips to help you grill the perfect steak!

It all starts with a good rub Each cut of meat or fish can be accentuated with a good rub or seasoning. For most everything a good kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper does the trick. To spice it up, try our two blends!- Youngstown Butcher Rub, or Buckeye Butcher Rub.

Create a sear zone If you're cooking on a gas grill set one side on high and the other side on low, this way you can get a nice seer on your steak with the hot side then move it over to the low side to let it finish cooking.

Charcoal Lovers For a charcoal grill make your charcoal into a pyramid, light it then let it sit for a few minutes, when the coals start to get grey spread them out around the grill and start cooking your steak. This will get your coals hotter faster but prevent any burning to the meat.

Lock in that flavor Sear every steak for 2 minutes on each side (about 400-450) then finish at a lower heat (about 350-375)

But it looks so good! Don't forget to let the steak rest for at least 5 minutes after cooking.
This will prevent the juices from running out and allow the flavor to "self marinate" the steak!

Don't be afraid of some pink! The best tool in the kitchen or on the grill is a meat thermoter. Remember, your steak, chop, roast, etc. will raise an extra 5-10 degrees as you allow it to rest. Perfect internal cooking temperatures for meat are:

Beef- 140-145
Pork- 145-150
Chicken- 160-165
Fish 145-150
Lamb 140-145

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