Easter Lamb -

Easter Lamb


Spring has officially arrived! Nobody will be giving us funny looks for grilling with snow on top of our heads anymore, so that's a good thing. Lately I have been in such a "Chop" mood when it comes to cooking. Call it a bone in craze. Last year I couldn't stop stuffing flank steaks, pork loins, turkey and veal. Now, I want a thick cut Berkshire Chicago Cut Pork Chops brushed with some sundried tomato influenced olive oil, touch of fresh basil, sea salt and cracked black pepper. Can you blame me? Post your favorite thing to grill this spring or ask any question on any cut of meat or recipe here.

So my love of chops has brought upon my simple grilled lamb porterhouse chop recipe. My favorite lamb comes from Iowa. Fed with hearty natural grain and not strong tasting in the least bit. If you don't like lamb because of eating it out, I suggest to cook it yourself. American lamb is more expensive than New Zealand lamb but you will notices a difference in taste and tenderness. Still can't do lamb? A item to put with your holiday ham is a stuffed turkey roll with spinanch and feta cheese. (Amazing how I can't stop stuffing roasts). Go to your favorite butcher shop, and they will roll out a breast for you! You can even cut lamb chops in half thickness wise and serve them as an appetizer. If you need any help with any cut of lamb like lamb shanks (slow roasted with stock), lamb rib racks (seared with truffle oil), leg of lamb (panchetta garlic crust) or pulled lamb shoulder (using rye beer), be sure to ask.

Keep on cooking, my meatheads!

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