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Family Meals

Hello fellow Meatheads,

It’s that time of year again, and fall is upon us.  We know that all of you are busy with the kids back at school, or maybe you’re back in school and it’s hard to have the time to prepare a good meal. We will help you make your mind up and give you step by step instructions on how to cook some great fall dishes.  If your feeding a group of hungry football fans or a family that barely has time to sit down and enjoy dinner,  Catullo’s is the place that can provide you with all the best meats in Ohio.  So if your buying for one meal, loading up for the month, or shipping off one of our Meat Combo Gift Boxes…swing on by and let the guys our butcher shop take care of you.

How important are family meals?  It’s a good question that not everyone has an answer for, but most will say that it’s very important.  Fast food chains have made it easy for people to replace that one hour every night that family can talk and listen to each other’s problems and accomplishments.  For too many families, dinner is in front of the wide screen t.v. while everyone eats fries and nobody talks.  Don’t find out what’s going on in one another’s lives until they starting checking Facebook.  People need to start to have good old fashion family meals back.  I realize that this is easier said than done.  So let us know how many people you’re feeding, what you like to eat, and let us help you decide by giving you the best meat Ohio has to offer.  If it’s as easy as pasta night or something more detailed, we are the crew the can handle all your needs.  And remember it’s not as hard as you may think, and your family will remember home cooked meals more than they will remember the re-runs of family guy.

Chad W. Davis
General Manager
14 years with Catullo Prime Meats

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  • Trevor Shattuck

    Its a rare occasion that everyone in my family is in the same place these days. There’s nothing like grilling some choice cuts from CPM for a family sit-down. Great post Chad!

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