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Turkey Time

Did you know that the average American eats up to 18 pounds of turkey every year!  That's about the size of your average Thanksgiving turkey.  Turkeys are amazing birds that have some interesting facts about them.  Did you know that turkeys can have heart attacks, and that they will drown if they look up during a rain storm.  Turkeys can also run as fast as 20 miles per hour and they spend their nights in trees. Also, Benjamin Franklin wanted our national bird to be the turkey.  There are many more amazing facts about our favorite bird to eat during the holidays but I am writing this to make people aware of the "unhealthy" turkey.  Most people don't put much thought into where their turkey comes from or how it is raised.  It's important to know that most traditional turkeys are mass produced in cages and never even see the light of day.  I know how important my family is to me, and like most people I would never put them in danger of eating anything that might harm them.  I want you to look at the frozen turkeys next time your in the grocery and ask yourself "Why are those turkeys only .99 cents per pound?"  You can't even buy a cheap cheese for that much, so don't get sucked in to those large chain grocery stores and their attempts to convince people on buying their turkeys.  It's like anything else, you pay for what you get in America.  Check in with the guys at Catullo Prime Meats and find out what a "real" turkey should be.  We have all natural, FRESH Amish turkeys as well as new organic turkeys that are raised especially for us from Lampost Farms in Columiana, Ohio.  It's a simple choice and your families deserve it. 

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