Customer Service January 13 2012, 2 Comments

 What has happened to great customer service?  Most large corporations have made customer service into some sort of circus.  At Catullo Prime Meats we take great pride in our customer service.  We like to treat everybody the same way we would treat our grandmothers.  We don't think twice when we take  bags out to a customers car, its just something we do here at Catullo's.  Customer service means something different to everyone.  It could be something as small as making people happy with a smile and offering some cooking advice.  For some people customer service is as simple as having an employee just listen to what they have to say.  The problem is a lot of companies do not take the small extra steps that it takes to make a customer happy.  At Catullo's we appreciate every customer whether their spending five dollars or five hundred dollars.  Our expectations are high in the quality meat that we cut, so why shouldn't  our customers have those same expectations when it comes to our customer service.