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Our Take on Pink Slime

Ground meat has been a hot topic in the national food industry since pink slime finally became an issue. Although the slime (Thanks to ABC News) is actually being  seen by the public for the first time, it has been around and used as a filler/preservative in some store bought ground meat for years. In fact you can use it as up to 15% of your total ground meat WITHOUT EVEN LABELING IT AS IN THERE! Scary stuff, huh? Massive producers of ground meat use the slime to lower cost and add shelf life to their product but at what expense to the consumer.

As an advocate for fresh beef, my butcher shop doesn’t run into this issue as far as our freshly ground meat, but it does harm us because our pricing tends to be higher both retail and wholesale.  One of the best ways to buy your ground meat is to pick out a piece of meat from your grocery store or butcher shop and have it ground fresh for you right on the spot. A perfectly marbled chuck roast makes great burgers for home. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because one store’s ground sirloin is another ground chuck. Fresh meat kept fresh by cryovac can often be misleading as far as color looking fresh but actually being 3 days old.

Here's our restaurants that we provide fresh all Ohio prime ground beef to.

Any questions about ground meat, be sure to ask the butcher! Email shipping@catulloprimemeats.com

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  • Evie

    Danny,your right on the ground beef issue. When I buy ground meat it isn’t the price I’m interested in it’s the shelf life. If I see blood sitting in the Package I will not buy that package. This also goes for chicken..I’m not a big meat fan thats why I’m so picky.

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