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Make Your Own Burger!

 The Hamburger...a staple in American culture, and yet most Americans do not realize the potential a true burger really has.  Most people think that a burger is a burger, but this could not be further from the truth.  The fast food industry has made us to believe that a burger should be cheap, greasy, and bad for your health.  Imagine if you could make your own special burger anyway that you wanted, and imagine if you could do this without having to buy a ton of different products and ingrediants.  Sometimes the most simple ideas are the most genius ideas.  We have made it possible for you to choose from 3 different types of beef, 5 different types of cheeses, and 5 different types of bacon to create your own Dreamburger.  Let your imagination run wild and let us create the perfect burger for your needs.  Stop treating the hamburger like its not an important part of America, and start treating it like its the icon it deserves to be.  We take for granted so many things such as clean water, heat, clothing, and the hamburger.  It's time to start paying attention to the things we really want in life...a custom made burger made just for you.  Go to www.catulloprimemeats.com and let your wildest dreams come true and create the perfect burger for you!

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