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The wonderful world of Bacon!

This week’s blog s going to educate you on bacon.  Even if you are not a fan of bacon, chances are after reading this article you’ll be eating some bacon in the near future.  My name is Chad Davis, and there are a few things in life that I love….God, my family, my country, and BACONBacon is getting a new makeover and showing its face in places it has never been before, it is no longer just a side dish on your breakfast plate.  Bacon has been late to show up to the party, but now that it has arrived, it is everywhere, and has become a staple in all foods showing up in salads, sandwiches, desserts, and even alcoholic beverages.  Did you know that there is bacon flavored beer, whiskey, and vodka?  It has become more than just meat, it is now meat candy.  There is even a bacon flavored jelly bean.
 Now that we realize the endless potential that bacon can have on our lives, it’s time to tell you some fun facts about baconBacon has a bad reputation because most people believe that bacon is bad for your health.  Studies show that cured meats actually have a protective effect on damaged heart tissue.  In fact the oldest women in the world, Gertrude Baines who is 114 years old stated that “eating bacon every day is the key to a long life.”  The phrase “bring home the bacon” comes from the 12th century, when a church in England offered a side of bacon to any man who could swear before God and the congregation that he had not fought or quarreled with his wife for a year and a day. Any man that could bring home the bacon was highly respected in his community.  
2 million pounds of bacon are made and consumed in America each year, so don’t deny one of life’s greatest treats. Bacon is one of the oldest meats in history dating back to 1500 BC.  Streaky Bacon comes from the belly of the pig and is the most common kind of bacon in the U.S.   Back Bacon comes from the loin in the middle of the back of the pig. It is a much leaner cut of meat with a very ham-like flavor. It is also referred to as Irish or Canadian bacon.  Canadian bacon is a thicker cut of bacon from the pork loin and most resembles ham, actually Canadians just call it “ham, eh”.  Pancetta is an Italian bacon that is a type of dry cured meat. This bacon is made from pork belly that has been spiced and salt cured, then dried for three months.  Pancetta can also be smoked which brings out a more traditional bacon flavor.

At Catullo Prime Meats we make several different types of bacon that we smoke in house.  Country cured bacon is blend of different ground peppers mixed with brown sugar, gives this extra house smoked bacon a sweet peppery kick.  Paprika bacon is Hungarian paprika with a touch of fresh garlic.  Black pepper bacon is freshly ground butcher black pepper and a hint of garlic.  Garlic bacon is exactly what it sounds like, fresh ground garlic smoked into the bacon.  And last but not least we have our house smoked bacon, which is regular smoked bacon with no spices added to it.  No one bacon is better than the other, it comes down to preference and mood.  I can go on forever with the different types of foods that you can team up with bacon, but I think you get the point.  Next time you’re making something at home I want you to ask yourself “What is this dish missing?”  I’m willing to bet that the missing item is BACON.  So start thinking outside the box and start adding bacon to your life, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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