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Fall Cooking Tips

The mornings are getting colder, football has arrived and I can't stop thinking about my favorite fall foods. From ham sliced right off the bone to pulled chicken sliders, I'm basically in food heaven. We've added to our ever expanding Deli and Catering Section of the store with new Pepperoni Rolls, Italian Deli Rolls, Smoked Ham and Potato Soup to our classics like Uncle Joe's Wedding Soup, Double Cheesy Lasagne, Stuffed Shells and our Sausage, Peppers and Onions.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm stopping giving out some of my favorite family recipes. Here are some roasts to keep in mind (and in the oven) while you are out picking pumpkins.


Use a fresh 4# roasting chicken to bake with some chorizo gold potatoes. Fresh chicken stock and white wine add subtle flavors to a family favorite dish.


Stuff a pork prime rib roast (we will cut and tie off the the baby back rib) with fresh apples from Whitehouse Fruit Farms.


Want a fantastic roast to bake and slice thin with au jus? That's a prime block roast. Want one to fall apart and dream of Sundays with your grandpa? That's a seven bone chuck roast. ---- My grandpa Catullo would let all his grandkids run into his pretty large belly with pillows while we waiting for my grandma to finish the roast. For some reason, I will never forget that.


Skip the roast and stuff some Veal Chops. Drink with a glass of Gabrielle's Equillateral wine and smile the night away!

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