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  According to Iowa State University professor, and meat expert, Joe Sebranek, dove into the question about why thicker slices of bacon seem to have more flavor than a thinner slice. His answer was simple. Sebranek describes that the “smokey” flavor that we all love in a piece of bacon has a lot to do with the surface area that bacon encompasses. A team of cooks over at Cook’s Illustrated, decided to freeze slices of bacon ranging from widths of 1/15 of an inch to ⅕. The team found evidence to back professor Sebranek’s claim, as the slice of bacon...

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The wonderful world of Bacon! This week’s blog s going to educate you on bacon.  Even if you are not a fan of bacon, chances are after reading this article you’ll be eating some bacon in the near future.  My name is Chad Davis, and there are a few things in life that I love….God, my family, my country, and BACON!  Bacon is getting a new makeover and showing its face in places it has never been before, it is no longer just a side dish on your breakfast plate.  Bacon has been late to show up to the party,...

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