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How to be a Jerk(y) February 15 2011, 0 Comments

So you want to be a Jerk(y)? If you are like me there is nothing better than that little bag of dehydrated meat with the most flavorful topping to get you through most any event. The Catullos Jerky of the Month Club allows me enjoy at least one bag of Catullos Home-Made jerky each month. Each month is a different feeling for me based around the crazy Ohio weather I live in so I like to associate those delicious flavors with that changes in the season. For example I hunt starting in September and the satisfaction and smile that Hot Garlic Jerky brings me is indescribable. It's almost not hunting season unless I have my favorite jerky in my hunting bag. If you ask me deer even love the smell so I almost feel like I am cheating as they walk up looking for a taste of that tender stick. That's what makes me a Jerk(y).

What makes you a Jerk(y)? We suggest enjoying the 10 flavors of Catullo Prime Meats Jerky at any of the following events: 

  • Sporting Events
  • Dance Recitals
  • Hiking Trips
  • Hunting
  • Beer Drinking
  • Wine & Cheese Parties
  • Marathons
  • TV watching
  • Movies
  • Morning Coffee
  • Facebook Stalking
  • Cigar Burning
  • Bonfires
  • Class
  • Work
  • Driving
  • Beach Trips
  • Boating
  • Airplane Rides
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Grilling
  • Jury Duty
  • Playing Cards
  • Sightseeing
  • Fishing
  • Grass Cutting
  • 4 Wheeling
  • Skateboarding
  • Rioting
  • Concerts
  • Tanning
  • Exercising

See there are hundreds of ways to be a Jerk(y) so get started being your own Jerk(y) with our  Catullos Jerky of the Month Club.

Cooking Ideas Valentine's Day February 14 2011, 0 Comments

Words from "The Butcher"
A Butcher’s 5 step guide to making a woman happy for Valentine’s Day

To get myself in the mood for this Valentine’s Day edition of Catullo’s Cooking Newsletter, I started jamming to some Amos Lee (check out his new cd, buy it for you girlfriend… step 1) and began to think about all the meals I’ve made to try to impress a girl (learn how to cook… step 2). Things are a bit different from when I took a girl to Alberini’s in Niles to show her how versed in good food! Now, I need to set the mood with a good bottle of wine (find good wine pairing for food… step 3) that meshes with my skirt steak salad to be served first. I want the main entrée to be exciting but also something that eats like a good book you can’t put down (find the perfect meal to cook… step 4). Dessert? Something simple, like her favorite ice cream, chocolate pecan from Handels (remember something small… step 5). Now, we got a meal to remember.
Now if you can only be so lucky to find a woman, like I did (step 0… forgot that 1!)

Email any questions you might have about ANY meal to

Changing up your Recipes January 16 2011, 0 Comments


It’s not always easy to change when things are going good. This is especially true in the kitchen. Ever been to the same restaurant you love, see a buffet of goodness and yet order the same thing you have been getting since you were a single man when you came home from Ohio State for the summer? Yes, my fellow foodies, yours truly can fall under this category as well. New Year = New Horizons. Not just with going out to eat, but in the way we cook as well. Imagine if the pizza pie was never changed, never modified. We would all be eating the red sauce and cheese variety, instead of fun combinations like smoked salmon and andouille, pear and brie with a brown sugar butter sauce or apple sausage, 3 pepper and pecorino! The quest for change in the kitchen has brought me to my recipe this week. I have heard countless times the worries and challenges with pork chops in the kitchen. People tend to think that a pork chop is going to be dry and tasteless if it does not have a marinade. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Change it up, kids!!! Adding the citrus and thus the citrus acid, helps to break down the pork and allows it to receive the oil, salt and pepper easier. Enjoy!

Why Your Thanksgiving Turkey Should be Amish November 19 2010, 1 Comment

Ross Morrone knows TurkeyThanksgiving isn't just another holiday for the family chef. I am that chef, Danny is that chef and hopefully you are that chef. A turkey is the main dish for our Thanksgiving meal and we want to make sure we are providing our families with not only the best tasting turkey, but also the freshest and safest. 

What does it mean for poultry to be fresh and safe.? No more is it about going into your local grocery store and picking the right bird at the right price. Today there are too many FDA ok'd drugs that get pumped into these animals and although you may think you are getting a fresh turkey, a darker secret lies behind the feathers.

Hormones are used to 'beef up' animals by increasing the production of certain hormones and proteins. Essentially they speed up the process of animal growth and save money on feed to provide you with a 'more affordable turkey'. Amish Valley Turkeys are complete opposite. They are free-range, grain fed and locally raised turkeys. This means that they grow on their own terms producing a juicier, more flavorful and tender meat. As you cook your turkey whether its baked, rotisserie'd (my favorite) or deep fried the natural composition of the meat will store and distribute the juice accordingly.

You don't have to take our word for it. If you are a first time buyer you will see the difference in the process of cooking your Amish Valley Turkey and the flavor of eating it. Catullo Prime Meats knows poultry and we have tasted the difference from hormone raised to grain fed Turkeys. Because of that we only carry Amish Valley Turkeys because it's what we feed our own families at the holidays. Shouldn't you take pride in what you are cooking? Buy an Amish Valley Turkey today!


What to eat tonight? October 25 2010, 0 Comments

“What are we having for dinner tonight?’

The question can linger for the entire day. Yeah, every once in while, you have a fantastic idea and spend the rest of the day excited for a meal like Youngstown’s cheese steak. Sometimes, I just get the empty stomach, nothing can fill it feeling. You know what I’m talking about. Scrounge the fridge for something and everything you find doesn’t sound good. So you whine to your wife (okay, that just might be me) and ask her if she has an idea, praying that she won’t just say the universal culinary term…. CHICKEN.

Chicken. Chicken for dinner. What does that even mean? There are just too many ways to count how to make it! So the answer becomes a thousand more questions. Do you want it fried, baked or grilled? Thighs or breast? What’s going to be the side dish? AH! Too much for this butcher to handle, and I start to get that frustrated hungry look. Then… I see it. A creative new way to cook chicken breasts, and I even get to keep the skin on! We made the hunter sauce, it turned out to be killer and my tummy was happy again.

Now if I only knew what type of wine to have with the meal…

Prime Meat vs. Other Meats October 04 2010, 1 Comment

You hear the phrase 'Prime Meat' and you have to ask yourself what is that? What is the difference between what I but in my local grocery store and this 'Prime Meat'?

Simply put, prime meat is hand picked by the butcher. Here at Catullo Prime Meats we have 100% control over what type of beef we purchase. We pay a higher premium for higher quality beef so the consumer is getting healthy organic grain fed fed animals. This is important for several reasons. 

First thing you will notice when eating prime meat is the consistency and texture of the meat is better than what you will expect to find coming out of your local grocery store. Grain fed animals muscle tone will different than those who are not and the difference is reflected in the taste and textures. 

Second you will notice a difference when cooking the meat. Prime meat will cook a lot differently and maintain its flavor and tenderness. As butchers we do tend to eat our beef a little more on the med - rare side because we love the flavor the blood adds to the meat. Cooking that blood out will result in a completly different taste but this it totally up to your preference.

Last the long term effects of eating organic meat will help you and your loved ones maintain a healthy body. Eating meat that is pumped full of hormones means you are eating everything the animals eat. If you pay a little more for better meat that is healthy for you, it seems like a no brainier to us.

As butchers we know the quality of meat is important and we hope you understand that to. We buy local and fresh always. Feel free to contact us with any questions about any of our meats.