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amish turkeys, thanksgiving turkeys -

Thanksgiving isn't just another holiday for the family chef. I am that chef, Danny is that chef and hopefully you are that chef. A turkey is the main dish for our Thanksgiving meal and we want to make sure we are providing our families with not only the best tasting turkey, but also the freshest and safest.  What does it mean for poultry to be fresh and safe.? No more is it about going into your local grocery store and picking the right bird at the right price. Today there are too many FDA ok'd drugs that get pumped into...

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ideas for dinner -

“What are we having for dinner tonight?’ The question can linger for the entire day. Yeah, every once in while, you have a fantastic idea and spend the rest of the day excited for a meal like Youngstown’s cheese steak. Sometimes, I just get the empty stomach, nothing can fill it feeling. You know what I’m talking about. Scrounge the fridge for something and everything you find doesn’t sound good. So you whine to your wife (okay, that just might be me) and ask her if she has an idea, praying that she won’t just say the universal culinary term…....

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how to choose quality meat, prime meat vs. other meat -

You hear the phrase 'Prime Meat' and you have to ask yourself what is that? What is the difference between what I but in my local grocery store and this 'Prime Meat'? Simply put, prime meat is hand picked by the butcher. Here at Catullo Prime Meats we have 100% control over what type of beef we purchase. We pay a higher premium for higher quality beef so the consumer is getting healthy organic grain fed fed animals. This is important for several reasons.  First thing you will notice when eating prime meat is the consistency and texture of the...

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