Chicken Sliders, Different Chicken Parmesan, Panko Chicken Recipe -

Vegas Style Chicken Parm Sliders


1 Loaf of Garlic Baguette sliced or 8 slider Buns

4- 6oz Chicken Breast Filets pounded cut in 1/2

1 cup Flour

1 cup Panko Bread Crumbs

Buckeye Seasoning

Pint of homemade Sauce

Olive Oil


8 thin slices pancetta

8 thin slices of Canadian sharp cheese


Seasoning the flour and bread crumbs with Catullo’s Buckeye Seasoning. In a large frying pan, put pomace olive oil until it covers the pan and heat to medium. Add your homemade sauce to another sautee pan and put to medium low/low. Dip the chicken breast pieces first in the flour, then buttermilk, then bread crumbs.  Brown the chicken pieces on both sides using tongs (be careful) and put into the pan with sauce after. While simmering in the sauce to finish, add the slice of pancetta on top of each chicken piece. Add the cheese. Put on the lid and simmer until cheese melts (about 5 minutes). Put on top of bread or buns. Serve immediately. (Serves 4 adults or 8 as an appetizer)