Chicken Marsala, Cooking with Mom, Mother Recipe -

Danny and his Mama’s Chicken Marsala

6oz Chicken breast filets


Olive Oil

1 clove of minced garlic

½ glass of red wine

Italian seasoning

Salt and pepper

Sweet Bell (Yellow or red or both) sliced

Vidallia Onion sliced

Thinly sliced Mozzerella cheese (or any of your fav. Soft cheese)

1 ½  cups Marsala cooking wine

1 ½ cups Chicken broth

Preheat the oven to 350. Sautee the pepper(s) and onion in a skillet with a little olive oil and garlic. Dust the chicken in the flour and add a pinch of salt and pepper. Brown the chicken on top of the stove with a sufficient amount of olive oil. Use a 9x13 and add 1 ½ cups of chicken broth and 1 ½ cups of Marsala cooking wine. Place veal in pan, cover with foil and bake for 15 minutes. While Veal is cooking, add one half glass (about a ½ cup) of whatever red wine you are drinking to the peppers and onions. Let simmer for 15 minutes while the Veal bakes, add the peppers and onions over top the veal. I then add cheese over top the veal and peppers. Bake the remaining 15 minutes with no foil. Serve with Cappellini Al Olio and you will love me forever. (or at least my mama will)

P.S. in case you don’t know how to make Cappellini Al Olio

Put two cups of olive oil in a small sauce pan with 3 cloves of garlic. Simmer at the lowest setting for ½ hour. After cooking the cappellini, use the oil as the sauce making sure you take out the garlic. Quick, easy and so good with this dish.