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  2 ½  pounds of lean natural ground Lamb 6 pieces Pita Bread Homemade Tzatziki Sauce to Dip (recipe follows) 6 ea. Pepperoncini 6 Tsp. Feta, crumbled 6 ea. Tomatoes, diced 6 Tbl. Scallions, sliced 6 ea. Kalamata olives, quartered 3Tsp. Grape Seed Oil Salt and Pepper   Instructions Mix the ground lamb with the kosher salt, cracked black pepper, feta cheese and scallions Preheat Grill to Medium Heat Grill the pita bread till marked and pliable. Season with kosher salt, cracked black pepper and brush with grape seed oil. Grill burger until desired tenderness, place on top of pita...

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