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Impress your guests! Our famous Turduckens consist of boneless Natural Ohio Chicken and All Natural Duck stuffed inside a deliciously tender Catullo's Amish Valley Turkey, with the breast bone removed. The best part? Upon your request, we'll stuff it with one of our delicious homemade stuffings.

Stuffing Options Inlcude:

- Classic Bread Stuffing- made with artisan bread, turkey stock, celery and onions

- Apple Sausage Stuffing made with locally farmed apples and Ohio Pork mixed with our classic bread stuffing.

 Plain Non-stuffed turduckens also available.

When ordering, figure to order about a pound per person if there are no other main meat dishes. 

Looking for something smaller? Try out our new CHIDUCKEY OR TURDUCKEN ROLL.

Please email any special requests to or call 330-758-3454 to speak with one of our friendly butchers.

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