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About Us

Some would call it an obsession. Our love of great food paired with the absolutely insatiable desire to provide our customers with the very best local beef, poultry, and pork is what defines us as a business. It started three generations ago, when Daniel Catullo recognized the lack of retailers providing fresh, prime meats in the area. He co-founded Gainard and Price Prime Meats, and 22 years later, founded his namesake store, Catullo Prime Meats. Quality has remained throughout the generations. Daniel passed the store on to his sons Stan and Joe Catullo, who handed the reigns to Stan’s son Danny to carry on the legacy and tradition of excellence the shop had been known for.

Catullo Prime Meats is now where the old meets the new. Our master butchers still cut whole hanging beef in the back of the store, every cut a testament to the pursuit of perfection that has kept our loyal, valued customers coming back for years. At the same time, we have our online store where you can place your order from a wide selection of our many products, including gift boxes and house smoked meats, shipped anywhere in the United States.

What we are is a family business that, throughout the years has never lost sight of it’s one true goal: to provide you, the customer, with local, all-natural Prime beef, poultry, pork, and the highest level of customer service through our friendly knowledgeable staff. Check out our website, and if you’re in the Youngstown, Ohio area, please feel free to stop in and check us out. We feel you’ll come to appreciate our love for what we do, and we think you’ll love it too.


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Catullo's in the Community

Catullo Prime Meats has been a staple in our community for thirty years. We try to maintain an active presence in the greater Youngstown area as much as possible through participation in various events, fundraisers, and school functions. We believe that providing education about quality food and proper cooking techniques is every bit as important as providing our customers with the meat itself.