All Natural Bone In Pork Loin

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Portion bone in pork roasts. The Pork Rib Roast is the prime rib of the pig; robust in flavor with a dark meat esque top that is cradled so you get the baby back rib protecting the roast and an easy string to cut off. The French Cut Rib Roast is also from that same portion but instead of cradled, the meat off the rib is take off and the bone is cleaned; presenting a gorgeous roast that can be stuffed in a variety of ways. The Porterhouse Roast includes both the leaner but flavorful strip loin and succulent tenderloin with a bone to protect them. We crack that bone every 5/8 of an inch so you can cut into perfectly sized chops after.

We figure 8oz per person with no leftovers if that's your only meat. 

Our pork roasts can be enjoyed several ways, from a stove top searing and finishing off in the oven, roasted with au jus and russet potatoes, crock pot all day while you work and of course in your smoker.