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Our finest invention! Do you love the tender deliciousness of our Turducken, but don't need quite that much food? Try our newest creation, the Chiduckey! A chiduckey consists of a de-boned turkey breast stuffed into a de-boned half of duck which itself is stuffed into a semi de-boned chicken. It's a holiday favorite that's perfect for special occasions or even Sunday dinner!

Upon your request, we'll stuff it with one of our delicious homemade stuffings.

Stuffing Options Inlcude:

- Apple Sausage Stuffing made with locally farmed apples 

- Classic Bread Stuffing made with  Italian bread

Plain Non-stuffed chiduckeys also available.

If you would like your chiduckey to arrive on a future date, i.e. the weekend before Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. just include it in the special instructions. Please email any special requests to or call 330-758-3454 to speak with one of our friendly butchers.