The Super Dad Box

$200.00 $230.00

Dads love steaks. It's a scientific fact. So if you're considering purchasing a gift for your dear old dad on his special day, and that gift doesn't include steaks, it's wrong. Correct this error by giving him the Super Dad Box, which includes four of our tender New York strip steaks, four of our prime cowboy ribeyes, and much more to help him maintain optimum steak intake. 



-(4) 16oz Cowboy Ribeyes

-(4) Artisan or Specialty Burgers

-(4) Gerber Chicken Breasts

-(4) 8oz Pork Chops

-1lb Country Cured Bacon

-(4) 10oz New York Strip Steaks

-(1) Bottle Buckeye Butcher rub

-1lb Home Smoked Bacon

- 1 bag House Made Jerky

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